TRANSATLANTYK: ŠKODA Mobile Cinema location contest!

We’re kicking off a contest for the TRANSATLANTYK: ŠKODA Mobile Cinema locations.
TRANSATLANTYK: ŠKODA Mobile Cinema is scheduled to reach Poznań itself. We’ll be screening films at different locations across the city.

Yet, which locations exactly?

Just like last year, it is for you to decide in which parts of the city you’d like to view the films during Transatlantyk Festival. In order to vote for one of the suggested locations go to the ŠKODA Mobile Cinema tab on our website, fill in the form with your name and email and pick your favorite location in Poznań from the drop-down list.
We will be announcing the winning locations together with matched film screenings on August 4th.

The end of the contest, just like the start of the Festival is coming soon, so don’t miss the chance to vote for your favorite ŠKODA Mobile Cinema location in Poznań!

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