ŠKODA Mobile Cinema is about to hit the road again!

We’re getting close to the commencement of TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL 2015, but meanwhile we’re about to give you a taste of the festival frenzy.
TRANSATLANTYK: ŠKODA Mobile Cinema is about to visit another two cities in Greater Poland.
During the third week of our mobile cinema journey, we’re coming to Szamotuły and Oborniki.
On Friday 17.07 at 10:00 PM in Szamotuły’s Zamkowy Park, we will screen Good Will Hunting by Gus Van Sant. The film’s main character, portrayed by Matt Damon, discovers he has extraordinary mathematical skills, what leads him to the question whether to change his life or remain in the world of part-time jobs and bar brawls.

On Saturday 18.07, we’re making a stop at Oborniki. At 10:00 PM in Łazienki Obornickie we’ll be screening the Sundance award winner Another Earth. A Mike Cahille film is one of the most interesting recent independent science-fiction productions.

With the hot weather that the weekend is about to bring, there’s no other way than to enjoy the outdoor cinematic journey with ŠKODA company and Transatlantyk in Szamotuły or Oborniki.

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