CineBedLibraTec, Experimental Music Concert and much more!

CineBedLibraTec, Experimental Music Concert and many more attractions during  TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL 2015!
If you’re excited for this year’s TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL, we’ve got good news. A week before the start of the Festival, on Friday, July 31st, Cinema in Bed will return to Plac Wolności. This year under the new name and in an even more interesting form.

CineBedLibraTec is a joint project of TRANSATLANTYK FESTIVAL, Human Touch Group, companies VOX Furniture, Kronopol, Porta with Collegium Da Vinci, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS), School of Form and Concordia Design, in which we have planned more than 2 weeks of events continuing from dawn till dusk in 50 beds. From July 31st to August 14th you can enjoy our open-air cinema in beds on Plac Wolności, but that is not all we have prepared! You can also take part in lectures in beds from our Education&Inspirations section, delicious project of a restaurant “Concordia Taste - Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners in bed”, games and plays for children led by the animators from Concordia Design, radio dramas for kids and adults from the archives of NInA, Audioteka.pl and Sound Tropez Studios, individual readings of film books from Wydawnictwo Wojciech Marzec, bed shots - photoshoots in beds made possible thanks to SQM Studio and lastly, dates in beds - romantic suppers, also in beds.

CONFRONTATIONS is the most rebellious section of TRANSATLANTYK Festival. This year the main theme of selected films is the confrontation of a man with… himself. Iraqui Odyssey is a documentary that portrays the emigration of the author’s family. In the Grayscale is a Chilean production, whose main character leads a happy, simple life until the moment he meets a young teacher. Other movies presented in the section include: Tribeca and Götenborg award winner Bridgend, Swedish drama My Skinny Sister, Blind, In Your Arms and Pixadores.

During the Education&Inspiration section the Festival attendees will have the opportunity to learn about film montage and development. Jarosław Barzan, an acclaimed film editor will run a workshop “Film editing – on creative time and space organization in film”, while the director, screenwriter and producer Ewa Pytka, will reveal what film development really is.

The main theme of the Festival’s music section is experiment. On August 14th at 9:00 PM LAS Club will be holding an Experimental Music Concert. The performers include: Adam Gołębiewski, the percussionist who accompanied Yoko Ono and Thurston Moore during the third Transatlantyk Festival, American composer Michael Eposito who will fathom the sound phenomemon of EVP, David Dove acoustically and electronically transforming trombone music, as well as Łukasz Szałankiewicz aka Zenial and Patryk Daszkiewicz aka Demonszy, who are from Poznań.

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