Improvisation in Acting. Workshop with Keith David

Date: 30.06.2016
Time: 14:30

Workshop conducted in English

The workshop will be conducted by Keith David, a famous American actor known from his roles in such productions as Armageddon, Crash, Cloud Atlas or The Nice Guys
Improvisation in Acting. Workshop with Keith David
Specialist Workshops
14:30 HELIOS Sukcesja - Festival Cinema
The workshop starts with theoretical background, during which Keith David will give an overview of main technical requirements, including the stage of preparation for the role and maintaining good relations with a director. Next, the workshop stage will take place. Participants will receive guidelines related to the role they will be recreating, while their partners (co-actors) will not receive any tips of the kind. After recreating particular scenes, Keith David will provide the participants with necessary feedback and individual tips for further improvement. 

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