52 Tuesdays


irector: Sophie Hyde
Country of origin: Australia
Release Year: 2013
Runtime: 109 min
52 Tuesdays
Sundance at Transatlantyk
52 Tuesdays
Sundance at Transatlantyk
For Billie, entering the seventeenth year of life is full of sensations. The girl learns that, henceforth, she will be living alone with her father. Her mother decides to hide no longer and undergo a sex reassignment operation. During the coming year, she will undergo complicated surgical procedures, which will enable her to become a man and live according to the gender, to which she feels she belongs. Despite such a drastic decision, the mother does not want to detach herself from the past. She promises to care for her daughter and to meet her every week, every Tuesday throughout the year of her sexual transformation. However, even a declaration of joint passage through this difficult time is not helping in the challenge with the reality. The girl's mother is trying to reshape her life including the relationships with women. She craves intimacy and acceptance. At first, the daughter ridicules and mocks her mother's transformation, then she has the ground cut from under her feet. She does not understand what is going on around her, including her own problems associated with puberty. Billie discovers her own sexuality, but she is not capable of setting a limit of intimacy. She involves a few friends in her game, with whom she shoots a sort of film diary. It will contain both the members of her family and her candid thoughts on them.

Urszula Lipińska  

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