PGNiG Transatlantyk Festival introduces a booking system for free film screenings and events.
You can pick up the tickets for the screenings and invitations for the events in Helios Sukcesja Cinema box offices and Transatlantyk Information Offices or book them via www.transatlantyk.org. Online booking for the official Festival Opening and Closing Gala in Teatr Wielki starts together with booking for educational events on 9 June. First come, first served.

You can print the tickets for the screenings in Helios Sukcesja Cinema and educational events yourself or:
  • from 23 June in the Tourist Information Centre (87 Piotrkowska Street) or in the Transatlantyk Festival Office (5 Wolności Square).
  • from 23 June also in the  w EC1 Łódź (1/3 Targowa Street) and Helios Cinema in Sukcesja.
We will accept electronic tickets as well.

In order to take part in any screening you must pick up your ticket until 3 pm on the day before the screening or on the day of the screening. Everyone can book up to 6 film tickets per day.

In the Education and Inspirations section there are bookings for workshops, Virtual Reality screenings and Coffee with… meetings. For the rest of the events, such as Talking Piano, lectures and Master Class seminars, post-screening meetings, Composers’ Competitions finals and Mobile Skoda Cinema, you do not need to book in advance.

In case of group bookings, it is obligatory to inform the organizers about the number of the participants (e- mail: office@transatlantyk.org. First come first served).

All of the events are free of charge
with the exception of Culinary Cinema and Cinema in Bed – buy tickets for these events via www.biletomat.pl from the 9th of June 2016.
The tickets for Cinema in Bed are PLN 20 per bed (maximum 4 persons), Culinary Cinema is PLN 180 per person (screening and dinner).

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